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Groundworks in Holmfirth and the Surrounding Areas from a Trusted Building Contractor

A H Construction is a company of experienced building contractors offering quality workmanship across a range of building services, including groundworks. Some construction companies will outsource clearances, excavations and foundations to groundworks contractors, but our dedicated team has the knowledge and experience needed to handle any project.

Operating out of Holmfirth, our team serves domestic and commercial customers in the surrounding South and West Yorkshire areas, offering groundworks services on all building and construction projects, such as new builds and house extensions.

Groundworks services offered in the Holmfirth area include:

  • Ground Investigation

  • Site Clearance and Excavation

  • Drainage Preparation

  • Utilities

  • Foundation Installation

  • Driveways and Patios

Ground Investigation

Before any above-ground construction begins, our team of building contractors familiarise themselves with the condition of the ground. Using boreholes and trial pits or trenches, we determine the water table level and water flow, the thickness of the ground layer and the mechanical properties of the soil.

We also check for underground faults, fissures, obstructions and voids that may cause problems for further groundworks plans.

Site Clearance and Excavation

To prepare a site for the construction of new builds and house extensions, our building contractors perform several groundworks tasks, such as clearing topsoil, reshaping terrain, levelling ground and digging trenches and pits for the laying of foundations.

Our groundworks team has the required training and experience needed to operate specialist digging plant and machinery.

Drainage Preparation

When conducting projects like new builds in the Holmfirth area, drainage is one of the most crucial elements to establish before laying the foundations. We excavate trenches for storm and foul water drainage, construct soakaways and connect surface water drains.

Our reliable team of building contractors evaluates all drainage systems thoroughly before construction begins.


We install gas pipes, domestic water systems and electrical wiring, safely connecting all networks to the mains supplies. We can offer this sort of work as a standalone service, or as 1st-fix and 2nd-fix options where our tradesmen work around the schedules of our building contractors.

Foundation Installation

As groundworks specialists, we employ methods such as sheet piling and reinforced concrete laying to create solid foundations on which to construct new builds and house extensions in Holmfirth or the surrounding areas.

We use our knowledge and experience to utilise whichever approach best suits the soil type and condition.

Driveways and Patios

As a team, we also carry out groundworks, such as clearances and excavations for hard landscaping and drainage preparation projects prior to the installation of new driveways, patios and pathways for homes around the Holmfirth area.

Building Regulations for Groundworks

The UK Building Regulations set the minimum health and safety standards for construction work. When it comes to groundworks, some of these considerations include suitable drainage, solid foundations and the correct installation of utility networks. Our building contractors carry out groundworks in the Holmfirth area to the highest standards because we understand just how difficult, costly and time-consuming remedial work can be.

When undertaking a groundworks project, the team at A H Construction constantly works alongside local building control inspectors throughout each stage of the process to ensure that our work complies with all current UK Building Regulations.

Call our building contractors on 07540 251 792 for groundworks services in the Holmfirth area.